Need to buy new water heater

The Tank Need to buy new water heater

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    I bought condo apartment 1700 sq ft, 2.5 bathrooms
    that has tankless water heater SEISCO RA-28.
    Tankless water heater seats on 2
    electrical breaks and
    out one electrical break (same one all the time) every time when shower and a facet are open at the same time
    or shower is open more then 10-15min.
    I am thinking to replace it with regular water heater.
    A company that I am thinking to hire installs A.O. Smith ECT-52 50 gal 6 year parts and 1 year labor warranty.
    As I understand it comes with Aluminum anode, I want to replace it w/ 2 magnesium ones
    Is it good water heater?
    What size and type
    (there are flexible and standard) of magnesium anodes should I buy?

    Thank you very much.

    Randy Schuyler

    The heater is OK. See if you can get R-16 insulation. Maybe you can only get it if you get the longer warranty, but it’s worth asking about.

    You only want flexible anodes if you have limited overhead clearance — less than 48 inches, but if the anodes are installed before the tank goes into place, that won’t be an issue. You’d want SKU6 and SKU8.

    A flush kit might also be a possibility if you are in a hard-water area. A lot of sediment buildup can burn out the lower element.

    Randy Schuyler

    Larry Weingarten

    Hello: Your panel may have a weak breaker in it, so it might be good to call Seisco and see if they have some troubleshooting guidance for you. If it really is as simple as breaker replacement, you’ll save heater replacement money and eliminate (the small) potential standby loss from the new electric tank.

    Yours, Larry


    I checked the heater’s specs online seems to have R-16, I’ll verify w/ installer.
    Will check also w/ Seisco re: the braker

    Thank you very much


    My tankless water heater stopped dead this weekend.
    I discovered HomeDepot. has extended warranty for parts and labor for duration of the tank’s warranty i.e. 6/9/12y.
    I am considering
    GE 50 gal. Tall 9 Year 4500 Watts Double Element 240 Volts Electric Water Heater

    Model # SE50M12AAH



    GE 50 gal. Medium 12 Year 4500 Watt Double Element 240 Volts Electric Water Heater

    Model # PE50T09AAH


    leaning towards 12y.
    They both are manufactured by Rheem w/ GE’s brand name.

    Are those good?

    Thank you very much.

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