more pilot light woes

The Tank more pilot light woes

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    OK – Gloworm Economy boiler.

    Kep shutting off so got a plumber out – he replaced overheat sensor and pump on the basis it was overheating.

    No Joy.

    So replaced thermocouple then thermostat then gas valve.

    Still no joy 8^((((

    What seems to be happening is as follows : fire up the pilot and leave it alone – the pilot will stay lit indefinately.

    Fire up the boiler and after a few seconds it looks like the flame is drawn off the pilot and/or goes out. If at this point I take the inspection cover off and gently blow into it the pilot will relight and I can keep the boiler running.

    Failure to do this will cut the gas at the valve – assume this is flame failure cutoff.

    Am at a complete loss as to what to do next – any suggestions ???

    Cheers in anticipation


    Larry Weingarten

    Hello: Try posting your question at , on the board called “The Wall”. People who deal with boilers every day frequent that site. You’ll have good answers quickly. Here, we stick to water heaters mostly 😎

    Yours, Larry


    It sound like one of two possible problems. Lack of oxygen to the pilot where the buner is burning all available oxygen surrounding the pilot or draw down of gas pressure to the pilot caused by the burner consumption.

    One thing to try is to decrease the gas pressure to the burner. This can usally be done at the gas valve or an external regulator. Have you check your gas pressure? Other things to check is for proper exhaust flow and venting. Make sure there is no sooting or restrictions in vents and flues. Does the burner flame waver at all?


    Yes the flame wavers away from the pilot before going out completely. Sometimes it relights from the burners sometimes not – obviously if it doesn’t in time then the thermocouple cuts the gas.

    Your solution to adjust the main/pilot gas pressures sounds like a good one to me.

    Only one last problem ….

    There’s two adjusters on the gas valve ( Honeywell V4700E 1056 ) – one on the inlet side above the green button, and one NEXT to the pilot output and gas outlet to main burners .

    I ASSUME the one on the right is the one to be adjusting ??

    Curiosity makes me ask what the one next to the inlet is for????


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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