low hot water pressure and combo anode

The Tank low hot water pressure and combo anode

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    Hi, I have two questions:

    1) we’ve experienced a gradual loss of hot water pressure to the whole house over the last couple of weeks (cold water is fine)…even at faucets with no screens/aerators. I’m wondering about the possible cause. We are on a well and have lots of minerals in the water, though the heater is only 2 years old. There are no nipples (w/ heat traps) on the heater to get clogged (there are dielectoral couplings). I’ve opened up the hot water outlet and it looks clear, though there is a secondary/combo anode at the hot water outlet. I also drained the tank and flushed it to get out sediment (and had excellent water pressure when doing so, which suggests the cold inlet is not the problem, right?), but it did not improve.

    Is it possible that the combo anode is decaying and somehow blocking the flow out of the tank?

    2) Because we also have sulfur smell, I’m planning to replace the main anode with a zinc one (provided by Sears–it’s a Power Miser 12 tank). Do I need to remove the secondary/combo anode as well? I assume it’s aluminum, but there’s no indication from Sears that this needs to be done.

    Thanks so much!


    Larry Weingarten

    Hello: See if you can find a hose adaptor to go from 3/4″ pipe thread to male hose thread. Put that on the hot outlet of the tank and hook up a short hose. Now turn the water on and see how fast it runs from the hose. If it runs slowly, you can be sure the restriction is in the hot outlet. If it runs well, the restriction is downstream.

    Yours, Larry

    Randy Schuyler

    And answering your other question, 😉 if you want to get rid of the smell, all the original anodes have to come out, wherever they are.

    Randy Schuyler


    Makes sense! I’ll try that.

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