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The Tank Low Hot Water pressure

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    We had to replace our old 40 gal. HW heater with a new G.E. 40 Gal. HW heater. Now the pressure for the hot water is very low and when we run more that one water source (hot water only) there is nearly no hot water pressure at all. This was never an issue before. We could take 2 showers and run the clothes washer and there would be no loss at all.

    Randy Schuyler

    There are two possibilities. One is that some bit of gunk wound up in the piping downstream from the water heater. For that, check out the backflushing under Tanklets. The other is that a heat trap in the hot-water nipple is misbehaving. Consider replacing it with a plain plastic-lined steel nipple.

    Randy Schuyler

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