Kenmore burner won't stay lit

The Tank Kenmore burner won't stay lit

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    There is GREAT stuff here. I’m so glad I found you before Sears shows up!

    Yesterday, my water heater starting turning off the burner. Today, I’ve relit it a dozen times and it doesn’t stay on more than 10 minutes. The pilot ignites, when I turn the knob the burner flames up and “roars” and within 10 minutes, it’s out.

    I found the FVIR thread and one of the problem heaters is the same model as mine (153.339641):

    Followed all the directions, cleaned the bottom screen with water, got a feather duster and cleaned inside behind the bottom screen, used the ShopVac to vaccuum and then blow the dust inside and finally used a rubber brush to get the last bits off the plate at the top of the inside. Used a mirror to confirm it is now shiny clean. 😛

    I can still light the pilot, but the burner won’t “catch fire.”

    I haven’t taken the inner door off the heater (to the burner assembly) because there’s a sticker that says new gaskets are required to reinstall and I can’t get the parts right now. Is there anything more I can do, or do I take another cold shower and wait for Sears to not be able to fix it tomorrow?

    What should I do next? I’ve been out of work three months and really can’t afford the $70 service call, so if you can help me fix this myself, I’d be much obliged.

    Link to owners’ manual, if it helps (too big to attach):

    Thanks for any direction you can give me–Omni


    Your flame arrestor is still dirty. I know you think you cleaned it but I guarantee you it is still dirty. Go ahead and pull the burner door off. 99% of the time you can reuse the gasket over. Just pull it off slowly. Once off clean the inside of the heater and flame arrestor. Clean off the burner. Look at the condition of the termoscoupler and the soldered in heat sink. If the copper thermocoupler wire is black near the burner you will probably need a new pilot assy. If you have a air compressor you can place the nozzel inside on top of the round base in color flame arrestor and blow it outwards. Will sears not send you the part needed under warrenty?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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