Installing new gas watrer heater today.

The Tank Installing new gas watrer heater today.

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    Looking for recommendations on water supply hookups. I see my existing water heater was not installed with a 6 inch heat trap. Should I install a few more 90 degree fittings and make a 6 inch heat trap on both hot and cold with a 12 inch solid brass flex hose to the tank? Here is a pic of my old system. Thanks in advance for any tips.

    Larry Weingarten

    Hello: There are two piping ways to go to get heat traps. For either way you need lined nipples in the heater. One way has a male adaptor on the end of the copper pipe pointed down, a little way above the heater. You then get a 24″ copper flex connector and bend it basically into a loop, so it attaches to the nipple from the heater and to the male adaptor on the copper pipe. (A little plumbing lingo here: male adaptor is a copper piece that solders onto the pipe and has male threads on the other end. This adapts from copper pipe to a female thread, like flex connectors have.) A way to get an even deeper heat trap is to add 90s to the copper pipe so it points up a short ways above the heater. Then you bend a flex connector 180 degrees. Install it with both ends pointing down. This would be applicable to a taller house or where the heater is in a basement.

    There are also heat trap nipples, but the plumber in me thinks the piping type will last and perform better.

    Is all that clear as mud? 😎

    Yours, Larry

    ps. The ball valve as a shut off is good, but it will likely need to be moved further back on the line to give room for a heat trap.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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