How does my anode rod look?

The Tank How does my anode rod look?

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    Water Heater: 50 gallon Whirlpool Electric (Lowes)
    Approximately 5 years old

    I was performing my annual drain and flush, so I pulled the anode rod to inspect it. After scraping off the white crusty build-up on the rod, I snapped a few pics.
    Picture is attached at the bottom of the message.
    Does it look ok?
    Seems ok to me, just wanted to get expert opinion.

    My water is well water.
    I have a softener, and a sediment and carbon filter, so water quality is good.

    Not a ton of sediment came out, but there were some white chunks and bits that came out during the flushing.
    I assume that is just calcium, right?

    One other thing……a quick and funny homeowner story…
    After I drained the tank some, I then proceeded to remove the anode rod.
    Well, I must have done something to trap air in the tank, cause when I got to the last few threads on the rod….POOF! a huge burst of air nearly sent the rod flying into the air.
    Good thing I had a tight grip on the socket wrench and it was still attached to the rod.
    Yup, dumb homeowner. Learned my lesson on that one….

    thanks for the help.

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    Randy Schuyler

    Yes, it’s OK. Don’t think about replacement until you can see six inches of exposed core wire. And don’t scrape the anode. It’s supposed to look yucky. Scraping it shortens its life a little.

    Randy Schuyler


    Sounds good. Thank you.

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