GE Powervent ignition failure after leak above tank

The Tank GE Powervent ignition failure after leak above tank

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    I came down this morning to find a leak right above the water heater. The tank got pretty wet and the I can feel the insulation material toward the bottom (around the service panel) is damp. The error code shows “Ignition Failure”, but the element glows and the gas lights just fine (my subjective opinion — nothing concrete to back it up) during the ignition attempt.

    It all looks like it’s going to light, but it just doesn’t. No obstructions in the vent and the fan seems to be working fine.

    Is it possible this will clear up as things dry out? If so, is there any way I can speed up the drying process in any strategic places?

    From the service manual, it looks like during the ignition process the control module:
    a) Checks the pressure switch for an open circuit.
    b) Energizes the blower.
    c) Checks the pressure switch for a closed circuit to
    prove draft.
    d) Sends line voltage to the hot surface igniter with a
    20-second warm up period.
    e) Opens the gas valve and checks the sensing rod for

    If I see all of these things happen, and the gas valve shuts off after the 1 second “Flame Recognition” period, I am assuming there is an issue with the control module’s interface with the flame sensor.

    I hadn’t thought the control module had gotten drenched enough to cause this kind of issue, and the combustion chamber is still sealed up so I wouldn’t suspect a direct issue with the flame sensor.

    Since there was a good deal of water on top of the tank, could that have somehow gotten down through the flue?



    I’ll just close this out with my own answer. Apparently, it just needed a day with some box fans to dry out. Now it’s happily heating again!

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