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    Boris Romanov


    I bought my GE GeoSpring 50-Gallon Hybrid Water Heater on March 21, 2013.

    (The rest of this post seemed like a long advertisement for this heater and the company that installed it. Advertising is forbidden here, so I’ve deleted it. — Randy Schuyler as Admin)

    Hope my post will be useful.

    Boris Romanov


    Now Boris you know spam is a no no! How can we trust you now?,or.r_cp.r_qf.&fp=d750b992d784f8&psj=1&q=Boris+Romanov+heater

    Guys feel free to delete this but better yet bury this post someplace where it won’t be seen but still indexed by Google. Boris not might like that.

    Boris Romanov

    Nonsense. You have to read these statements very carefully: “Welcome to The Tank, a forum and community for those with water heaters. Feel free to post … comment on just about anything. We intend this to be a place where…and the exchange of ideas and information comes to a full boil.”

    Looks like you envy me.

    Firstly, I’m not an animus like you.
    In fact, there are many people with the same last name and fist name.
    For example, Boris Romanov on the Facebook from your link is not me.

    Secondly, I decided to create my thread here, because today I’ve seen this thread: “Advice on the best type of water heater for my situation?”
    And I’m sure that my information will be useful for some forum members.

    Finally, based on your experience, can you show us how to get an energy efficient water heater for the $250 with an investment return period about 1 year? Probably – NOT!

    Boris Romanov


    It does say that, but it also says at the top of the forum here that advertising is prohibited. For all we know, you may be a GE sales rep. As Admin, I’m the one who decides what’s OK and what’s not OK.

    There is too little of value to people here to permit the post to remain up. It seems to advertise a GE heater and a plumbing company and gives a lot of information on rebate deals, something that is constantly changing.

    I’m going to delete the body of your post and replace it with a short explanation why it was deleted.

    Randy Schuyler, as Admin

    Boris Romanov

    Your statements and assumptions are completely incorrect:

    – Where did you see “…a long advertisement for…the company that installed it.”?
    In fact, these are official rules (for $400 rebate) from my utility company: “All qualifying units can be installed by a SavingsCentral Trade Ally or yourself (!). All self-installs will be inspected by a Central Hudson representative..”
    Based on these rules I installed the GE hybrid water heater myself, because it was very easy to me.
    – And I’m not a “sales rep.” of any company.

    But I like the GE hybrid water heater, that I bought for my own house. And the idea to get the energy efficient water heater for the price less than prices of regular electric water heaters is also brilliant!

    Hope, the attached picture will help you to see the truth.

    So, what was wrong with my detailed explanation How I bought my water heater wisely?
    Is my personal positive experience useless for the forum members and forum guests?
    Please be specific.

    Boris Romanov

    Attached files


    Say, rather, a brief advertisement for the installer and a long one for the Geospring.

    The Internet is one of the most anonymous institutions in the world, where anybody can be anything and anybody can claim to be anything and few can be sure if it’s true or not.

    When I see outright advertising or anything that looks like advertising, I remove it. This forum is not for the promotion of anybody’s products except maybe mine, and I only mention my own in passing, when it’s relevant to a post.

    Your post triggered a response from a longtime contributor, and another echoed it in a private e-mail to me, and I agree with them.

    Happy for you and your Geospring, but nothing you said really helps anybody here.

    Randy Schuyler as Admin

    Boris Romanov

    “Say, rather, a brief advertisement for the installer and a long one for the Geospring “

    Unfortunately, your statement is incorrect once again.
    I’m against involvement of any installer, because installation of hybrid water heater is very simple – a DIY category.
    I chose the GE hybrid water heater for one reason ONLY – it was real bargain price with very reasonable warranty terms.

    Anyway, looks like you are not ready for innovations…

    Boris Romanov

    Randy Schuyler

    Incorrect? Maybe, but we’ve noticed this is far from the only place you’ve posted this string. Why are you spreading it all over the place? Just another happy Geospring user?

    Anyway, enough. I say again: anything that looks like advertising, whether it is or isn’t, will be removed.

    Randy Schuyler

    Boris Romanov

    Finally, you are very close to the truth.
    There are many happy Geospring users, but I did no see any buyer, who bought energy efficient water heater for $250. Therefore I think my approach could save money for some members and visitors of this forum. Though in areas like the Seattle City Light buyers could get even better than mine deal: $950 – $500 – $300 = $150!
    – you can get rebates for the almost all heat pump water heaters.
    – self installation is permuted for many areas too. For example: “Do-It-Yourself (DIY) installations are acceptable as long as homeowner receives manufacturer training through the manufacturer’s online video or by other means..”

    To deny some wrong statements about heat pump water heaters I posted two videos on Youtube. And later my videos were spreaded via Internet, because some website owners re-posted my videos without my permission…

    “In the Northwest, about 200,000 electric water heaters are replaced every year because they wear out,” Kresta said. “There’s tremendous opportunity for energy savings…
    The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance has embarked on its own study. The alliance has monitored 30 units in the Northwest for six months so far. A final report is expected in 2013, but preliminary numbers show heat pump water heaters provide 25 to 60 percent in savings over standard electric water heaters”.
    From the very useful article (not an advertisement) posted here;

    Boris Romanov

    Boris Romanov

    I’ve just found this Rebate information (Updated 7/30/2013). Hard to believe – some lucky people can get an installed Hybrid water heater for FREE ($750 or $1000 rebate and $300 Tax credit!)

    “National Grid offers a mail in rebate of $750 for the installation of energy efficient Heat Pump Water Heaters when you are replacing an existing electric water heater, or installing a 50 gallon or larger water heater for the first time (new construction). A Heat Pump Water Heater is an electric storage tank replacement. It’s not for oil, propane, or gas. A licensed plumber must install the unit in order for you to qualify for the rebate, and only certain equipment models are eligible. There are also restrictions about where the unit can be installed to ensure that it operates at its maximum efficiency.”

    “Savings You Can Warm Up To, when you install an ENERGY STAR® electric heat pump water heater
    New electric heat pump water heaters have been engineered to use less than half the electricity of traditional electric hot water heaters. With a rebate from Silicon Valley Power, you can save $1,000 on your new ENERGY STAR-qualified electric domestic heat pump water heater today—and even more on your electric bill tomorrow…
    One rebate per Silicon Valley Power utility account. Rebate is only for retrofits of existing electric hot water heaters. New construction does not qualify. Rebate will be paid at actual cost of the electric heat pump water heater and installation or $1,000, whichever is less. You will need to have a permit from the City’s Permit Center. Funds are limited, so apply soon.”

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