Gas water heater System Lockout

The Tank Gas water heater System Lockout

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    😕 I have a Sears Economizer 6 Power Vent, model 153.332980, which keeps shutting down after igniting the burner. The LED status code indicates “system lockout”. The solutions are supposed to be: 1) gas supply is off or too low, 2) hot surface ignitor is not positioned correctly, 3) Low voltage to the heater, 4) electric polarity to the unit is incorrect. Numbers 1,3, and 4 have been checked out and all are OK. I don’t know how to correct the positioning of the hot surface ignitor. Any suggestions?
    Frustrated Economizer 6 owner!


    Any chance the power supply is a GFCI receptacle? One job I had involved a power vent unit which had similar symptoms as you listed. The plumber pulled an extension cord from a different circuit. WH functioned perfectly. Something about the GFCI receptacle was the issue.



    There should be a flame sensor next to the igniter. Take a piece of sand paper and run it up and down the rod to clean the surface. Don’t break your igniter. Make sure the wire connection is solid. A millivolt reading off the flame sensor would be needed if the above doesn’t work.


    Also is this a new install with the heater never working?


    I tried using a non GFCI circuit and it didn’t make any difference. Thanks for the suggestion though. (-:

    The tank has been in for five years and has worked fine for the previous owner. We just bought the place. I noticed both the sensor and the igniter but didn’t know the purpose of the second probe. I’ll give the sandpaper a try. Any suggestions on grit. The previous owner had some insignificant problems but suggested vacuuming out the burner area which had worked for him Maybe the sensor is dirty too. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Econ 6


    Then there is a good chance the flame sensor is a good start and fairly easy. If the sensor’s metal is off color then change it out. And emery cloth works well.

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