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    A few years ago I had the same problem about keeping the pilot light lit, husband changed the thermocouple and it was smooth sailing…. Fast forward 4 years later and i am having the same problem, except I am the one trying to fix it…

    Pilot light went out a few days ago, So I relit it, lit right up, lasted for 3 days, then out again… Spent all of Sunday night, trying to keep it running, and Monday went to the hardware store got a new Thermocouple and tried it again… It lit, and stayed lit for a few hours, but once the burner went out, so did the pilot light, and I had to wait for the water heater to cool down, before it would light and stay lit for a few minutes…
    Seems like every time the water heated to its temp, everything would shut down, and no pilot light…. went back to the hardware store, because the guy who owns it is a plumber, and he suggested that maybe I should try a new thermocouple, because sometimes they are touchy and I could of gotten a bad one…. Free of charge he gave it to me… So back I went to put this one in….
    Same thing…. lights for a little while gets to the temp and shuts off… Hubby comes home, tells me that the position of the thermocouple is too far from the pilot light, so he fixed it…. stayed lit and ran right for 24 hours… thought it was fixed…. but the light went out yet again….
    tried to light it, and it wouldnt stay … waited for it to cool down, it lit up no problem at all… stayed for 2 hours….

    went back to the hardware store to talk to the guy… and he told me it sounds like I am damaging the thermocouple as i keep reinstalling it…. is that possible?… its so easy to install, but he said that if i scratch the tip of it, or put the end of it in the thermostat too hard, I could damage it for it not to work right… I did notice that its sort of loose in the thermostat and I had a hard time getting the fitting in the hole

    I thought it might be the valve or thermostat, but he assured me that if I am getting gas to light the pilot, then thats not the problem….

    I did call a service man and they want 100.00 just to come out… and without even looking at it, he suggested I just get a new water heater… which is not an option at this time…

    any advice is welcomed…. and Im sorry this is a long post…

    Randy Schuyler

    Have you ever dusted the bottom and sides of the heater? Modern gas heaters have FVIR devices that can shut down the tank when their air screens get too dusty.

    Randy Schuyler


    I ended up turning the temp down and so far it has stayed lit for 10 hours.. hoping this works … fingers crossed

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