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The Tank Drain valve replacement

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    A few questions regarding replacing the old spigot drain valve on my Whirlpool water heater with a straight ball valve:

    1. (Sorry if this is a stupid question) Is it necessary to completely drain the tank dry? Or can I remove the old valve and install the new straight ball valve with water still in the tank? I am sure I will get some water if I leave it full, but will it run out like a flood or just trickle out slowly enough to get the new ball valve twisted in?

    2. When preparing the threads for the new ball valve, what is the best procedure? I have teflon tape and I have pipe dope. Should I use just tape or just dope or a combination of both tape and dope? Should I put dope on the threads in the tank?

    3. Finally, a question on how tight to twist the straight ball valve…..how tight should I go? Is it possible to over-tighten the new ball valve and crack the tank?

    Thanks for your help.

    Randy Schuyler

    Most of this is addressed with a walk-through procedure under Know-how, which you can reach from the site map, but you do raise a couple of questions not covered there. We like Teflon tape over dope, but that’s a personal preference. If you use tape, make six or seven wraps, not less. As to tightening, you just tighten until it’s fairly hard to turn.

    Randy Schuyler

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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