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    Got it at Harbor Freight. Would not even budge my 13 year old anode rod. It generates 230 ft lb of torque. Thank God I can return it within 30 days.



    HF has lots of junk, pretty much anything electric or battery there is highly questionable..

    230lb-ft is not much.. and that is peak torque for a tiny fraction of a second.
    Probably ok for non-salty/rusted lug nuts.

    The HF earthquake air impacts are above average.

    I have a dewalt dcf899 that is about as good as it gets for battery powered 1/2″ drive.

    For air impact I prefer aircat 1150 or astro 1822(for small size)


    I hear you.

    I bought a battery powered Milwaukee Fuel 18 volt which advertises 1100 foot pounds of torque for removing anodes. This thing took out the anode with no problem whatsoever.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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