Blower switch works but doesn't turn on igniter

The Tank Blower switch works but doesn't turn on igniter

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    I have an A O Smith 40 gal water heater power vent,
    The fan comes on but then I get an error code that pressure switch is not closing. I have jumped that switch and the burner starts up just fine. I have blown out the exhaust so there is no blockage. I have sucked on the switch hose and this closes the contacts checked this using an ohm meter.I also bought a new switch and is working fine. I Have also blown out the Barbed brass fitting that comes out of the blower to make sure that is clear and replaced the hose. The fan seems to blow with plenty of power. All I can think of is that the fan blower is not running fast enough to create enough vacuum to close the switch or am I missing something? Any help would be appreciated!

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