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    I have a 12 year old AO Smith EES 52 930 that suddenly began leaking water yesterday. It is bubbling very slowly around the anode on top and running down the side. It still works aside from that.

    I’m reading a lot of things on 10-15 years being the average water heater lifetime and plenty of information on replacing anodes, but I can’t find out WHAT I should do. How do I further diagnose and figure out if I just replace the unit or just replace the anode.

    I found a PDF on this unit that lists an “anode, aluminum”, but it has 8 or more model numbers, so I don’t know if this one is aluminum or not. I will say it has never had any issues prior to yesterday.



    Well, AO Smith said this unit has a 6-12 year lifetime, but that the leaking anode could be replaced. However, they said it might or might not fix the unit. LOL…

    Larry Weingarten

    Hello, It comes down to a simple thing… Either it is leaking at a threaded fitting, (which likely can be fixed) or it’s leaking through the tank. I’d use a dry rag to check each fitting on top of the tank and if you don’t find water coming from a fitting, (or something weird like rain coming down the vent pipe) than it’s time for a new tank. 😕

    Yours, Larry

    ps, You’ll find info on this site on how to properly set up a new heater for a long life!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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