AO Smith Energy Saver ** GONE ROTTEN!! HELP

The Tank AO Smith Energy Saver ** GONE ROTTEN!! HELP

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    Ok i’ve read hundreds of how to’s but none have helped.. Let me give you guys a little background..

    Just bought a foreclosed home. 55 Gallon AO Smith Energy Saver water looks fairly new ( possibly 5 – 8 years old).. But it sat filled full with water for about a year and a half, and was never used (untill i bought home and turned power back on) .. Now when i run any hotwater in my home it smells like death.. Sulfur.. Rotten Eggs.. Whatever u wanna call it.. (Also icemaker in fridge produces dirty ice, with thin black peels in it.. if thats anyway related.) So i went to home depot, and they said just drain it..

    So i Ran All my faucets on HOT for about an hour or 2.. During this time water reaked throughout my entire house.. Finally black sludge started pumping out of the tub faucets.. When water cleared up so did the smell.. 2 days later water reaks again.. Now i can kill my water bill b/c im on PUBLIC WATER, that leads to sewer, and drain it again.. OR should i just go buy a new water heater? ( Buying a new water heater is last resort b/c home depot wants 350 for unit, and another 300 for installation) Every water heater specialist i’ve called said i need a new water heater (just from hearing about the bad smell)..

    -Also my dads house is on the same street, and he also has the exact same water heater, looks as if exact same age as well, but his is fine, no rotten smell from his hot water..

    – From what ive read online im pretty sure the anode rod is done for, and any chemical remedy will not last.. ( However i know nothihng except what i’ve read)

    WHAT DO I DO? Should i just bite the bullet and buya new water heater.. Or hook up a hose this time, and try to drain all 55 gallons one more time.. I have pictures of the waterheater if that will help..

    Randy Schuyler

    The first thing to do is to pour two pints of hydrogen peroxide into the heater. You can find the procedure for safely opening the tank by going to my homepage, clicking on The Basics, then on Know-How. Run some hot water in the piping afterward.

    That will probably kill the smell but maybe not the sludge. If that continues, try to remove the factory anode and replace it with a magnesium one. I’m fairly sure the one you have now is aluminum. You can check by reading the Anodes page.

    ANY water heater will smell to high heaven if it sits unused long enough. These things should solve your problems.

    Randy Schuyler


    I would also remover the hose bib and try to make your flush at the bottom of the tank.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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