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The Tank Anode broke off

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    I have a whirlpool energy smart 50 gall. water heater that is six years old. I took out the anode rod today,or should I say attempted to. After unscrewing it with an impact wrench I discovered that the anode had mostly decayed & peeled off the wire. As I pulled the anode out it became stuck. When I looked into the heater I could see the metal still attached to the bottom portion of the wire in a mangled mess. After trying to remove it repeatedly I finally cut the wire off as far down as possible. After reading on your site I’m assuming its an alluminum anode being its a whirlpool & having a flat hex. Will this damage the tank sitting on the bottom? Can I replace it with a mag rod ? What kind do you suggest ? Our city recently built a resorvoir & our water is much softer than the past. Your help would be greatly appreciated, Thank You

    Randy Schuyler

    It’s not going to hurt anything in the bottom of the water heater. Aluminum anodes are often troublesome to remove because they split off from the core wire and snag on the underside of the top of the tank, so I’m not surprised at your experienced.

    You can replace the anode with a magnesium one. Now that the bits of the old anode are no longer in physical contact with tank steel, they are not anode, per se, but merely part of sediment buildup.

    If you have 44 inches overhead clearance, then either SKU8 or SKU33 will work. If you have clearance issues, then SKU10.

    Randy Schuyler

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