1996 50 gallon Apollo pilot light

The Tank 1996 50 gallon Apollo pilot light

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    When I bought the house in 2005, gas was $1.73/therm and I could buy off-peak electricity for less than $0.05/kWh. The Apollo Energy Factor is 0.56 and a 105 gallon Marathon electric Energy Factor is 0.91. So for many years I used the Marathon. But gas is now about $1/therm and electricity prices keep going up.
    I decided to get the Apollo 5010 back in service. Pilot light did not want to stay lit. Changed the thermocouple. No change. Changed thermocouple back to the original. Pulled the pilot gas tube thimble/orifice. Stuck a sewing needle in the orifice and spun a few times. Reassembled. No change. Thermocouple tip is in the blue flame but flame is not too big and thermocouple tip does not glow. Pilot gas flow is 0.43 CFH. I increased the house gas pressure by 3 turns in on the regulator. Flame size on the gas cook top increased a little bit. I lit the pilot with my propane torch and heated the thermocouple tip with the torch. Most of the time the pilot will stay lit. Since I don’t need the heat yet for the house, I have been keeping the controller in the pilot position and going to the basement first thing in the morning and moving it to ON. Most mornings the burner lights. But even then the flame usually goes out before the thermostat is satisfied.

    Larry Weingarten

    Hi, It might make sense to measure the output of the thermocouples, in millivolts or milliamps. I’d compare the output of the new one to the old one. Is it possible to bend the pilot assembly so the pilot flame does a better job of heating the thermocouple? Also, I’d watch the pilot as the main burner comes on. If it gets pulled away from the thermocouple, things will shut down. If that’s happening, do you have an adjustment for reducing pressure to the main burner? And, see if any of the nain burner flame lifts off the burner. If so, the pressure is too high. Just a few things to try.
    Yours, Larry

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