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I recieved my Water Heater Workbook yesterday. I read through a copy about 5 years ago. Worth having my own. Thanks.


I think some things have been mixed up here.

The dishwasher is a Hobart C-44. What I have learned from Hobart is that the model number will give you the Series and width of the unit. The serial number tells all at time of original purchase/install.

The Hatco booster heater is a S-45. It has a CAPACITY of 462 GPH based on a 40 degree rise from a 140 degree supply line.

The AO Smith water heater has the CAPACITY OF 353 GPH at a 100 degree temp rise from a 40 degree supply line.

The above information is according to specs. I have the original documents and have spoke to the manufactures.

I stated in an earlier post that supply pressure greater than 40 psi reduces the quality of the wash and wastes energy. I stand corrected. I was writing about the rinse but typed wash. 😕 The wash pressure is based on pump design while the rinse pressure is base on a reduced (15-20 psi) supply line psi.

FYI-“IF the pressure is too high (over 20 psi), atomization of the water occures, hot water will be wasted and the dishes will not be rinsed properly.” This is taken right out of the PLUMBING INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS for the booster heater dated April 1, 1962.

As for, “Since the chemicals require 20-25 psi to apply your final rinse chemicals…” I’m not sure that applies to our unit. Our rinse agent is yet another manufacture. Hobart or Hatco doesn’t includes specs for the rinse agent device in our litature. I would assume that the rinse agent device works at least in the ranges of 15-20 psi.

Today, I measured the hot water supply to the booster. 136.8 Degrees. The Hatco raises the temp 40 degrees meeting the final rinse design at 180 degrees. Last Friday, the Health Department showed up to inspect the system. We passed. The inspector said that they like to see a rinse temp between 165 and 180 degrees.

Anyways, I posted my question for the purpose of replacing my 1959 water heater. Any recommended makes and models?

Thanks again for your time and input.

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