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DrRon, what index mark are you referring to? I forgot I’m dealing with pipe threads and not machine threads so my attempt to use double nuts won’t work. Any suggestions as to how to remove the pipes without damaging the treads?

Ej, I already bought the water heaters. 2 years ago or so, Home Depot in southern Cal had their water heaters on clearance because they couldn’t sell them after the new year when the ultra low Nox requirements went into effect. I thought about buying a heater back then, but didn’t have any room to store it. I can still drive out of the area to buy non-compliant things (water heaters, faucets, etc.) but sometimes it’s just not worth fighting the inevitable. In Jan 2010, all faucets sold in California had to be lead-free.

To inspect/replace the dip tube, the product manual on the BW website says, “With an appropriate wrench, remove inlet nipple/dip tube from the water heater. Use caution not to damage pipe threads.”

What is the appropriate wrench to use? I searched the internet and found this internal pipe wrench tool:

Has anyone used the internal pipe wrench, or have a suggestion as to how to remove the pipes w/o damaging the threads? Thanks.

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