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Klutz Cargo

Thanks for assisting me with the insulation question, Larry. I have a few follow up questions. I noticed that the ball valve drain assembly that you offer is comprised of all brass components except for the connection nipple which is plastic lined steel. Why not use a brass pipe nipple instead, as they are widely available? Brass is non reactive with minerals that are dissolved in water, thus it‘s use in marine applications, correct?

In addition, I noticed that the cold and hot water inlet and outlet nipples on the top of my tank appear to be either copper or brass, and that they are screwed into huge brass or copper hex nuts (1-7/16″ size) All the retrofitting nipples available, for example those that come with aftermarket heat traps, those attached to the curved dip tubes, or integrated into combo anode rods are plastic lined steel. Retrofiitting in this case would place different metals in contact with one another vis-a-vis the original design. Could replacing the original equipment copper nipples with plastic lined steel in any way alter the chemical processes in my tank with possible negative effects? For example expedited rusting of the tank or decomposition of the anode? Thanks for your patience with my paranoia, it comes very naturally to me.

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