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Power flex spec sheet
American water heater Powerflex manual
Intellivent gas control service manual
6-year tank.

Following shows a few things you can consider
If you have electronic intellivent gas control:
Error codes page 21
Contact Service Department at: 1-800-456-9805.

If you are not getting error code, then gas control valve may be bad. Replacement instructions page 20. Gas control identification is located on side of gas valve. Product serial number and model located on label on side of tank.

With super-hot water over 180 degrees, the single-use ECO should trip and cut off gas to combustion chamber. Then gas control valve is replaced.

Troubleshoot section suggests turning down temperature setting.
To set water heater to lowest temperature.
First depress Hotter and Cooler buttons together and hold for 1 second.
Then press cooler button until warm indicator light appears.
If water does not cool, then gas control valve is suspect.
If indicator lights do not display, then gas control valve may be bad.

Read maintenance page 18

Overheating can also occur if water heater has inadequate air supply or venting. It appears that water heater has 3 legs and air intake is located on bottom of water heater and should be cleaned once per year. Empty water out of heater and turn heater on side to clean screen. Then re-install heater on bricks so screen is easier to clean. Remove burner from combustion chamber page 19 in manual and clean burner and combustion parts. Keep up with maintenance.

Use circuit analyzer and check electrical outlet.
This gas control must be grounded and outlet must have correct polarity.
Check for continuity between ground plug on cord and manifold tube
Power surge can knock out gas control. Use surge protector on outlet.
Transformer or electrical connection may be bad.
Seems to me if the gas control was disabled, that the burner would be shut down.

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