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OK, I appreciate the previous feedback. I am back on here still trying to figure out a solution to the smelly water problem. I hope I’m not completing repeating myself from a prior post I made. We have a rental unit on our property..the unit is connected to the same water pump as our house. The water in house does not have the smell but the rental unit is horrible. This began after we installed a new water heater a year ago. The smell seems to be from hot water only but is in all faucets. We replaced the anode rod with an aluminum/zinc rod several months ago, we have used the bleach/peroxide recommendations. Nothing has worked so far. The water heater tank is a 30 gallon (I will have to check brand, etc.) we bought it at Lowes. I am back to thinking we need to order the electric Anode rod. If we cannot use the electric anode rod with this water heater, does that mean we have a problem now that we never had before that just will never go away? We have new renters coming in the unit and desperately need to find a solution to this problem. Previous renters moved to another unit we have because they couldn’t stand the smell. I don’t blame them. Please help.

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