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Here is an update of almost 2 weeks ago when my natural gas tank was under water… Dried it out and it is still working!! The plumbing supplier said to just keep it as is, but had no idea when/if it would die. This is a 10 year old tank with a 6 year warranty, so he said that I might be looking to replace it around the 12 year mark any way. I am just going to keep an eye on it.

Checked with insurance (USAA), they would replace it but of course it would be a clailm against my policy. Not worth the chance of this claim affecting a long term rate.

FYI: Had a $500 deductible. Changed my homeowners policy to $2,500 and saved $409 a year. As long as I do not have a claim in 5 years, I will be saving alot. 🙂

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