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Randy Schuyler

Often it’s true that the wear rate will be the same, but I’d check it a couple of times to be sure.

They’ve already created an anode that tells you when it’s depleted. For a little while last year, I was carrying an “intelligent anode” that had a probe into the magnesium that was connected to an alarm box.

Unfortunately, it cost about three times more than a regular anode, and once you’ve done the heavy lifting of getting the original loose, it’s really no big deal to remove it again and check it, provided you reinstalled it with Teflon tape. There was no interest in it, even after a newspaper profiled the company.

As to my combos, they have 3-inch nipples with a smooth space between the threads for the wrench. I’m gradually going to 4-inch, though, because the nipple goes so deep into a tank with the thickest insulation that you start to have the same problem.

Randy Schuyler

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