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Hi all….well, the saga continues. The plumber added the water softener and the next day, the tank blew…literally. The relief valve just completely blew off and discharged about 20 gallons of water all over our basement and belongings and left me with quite a mess . The plumber said our water pressure at 150 PSI was the problem and we needed to install a water pressure regulator valve on our water main. At this point we decided wd had enough because the Vaughn htr is still leaking.

We called vaughn to ask for our money back and we contacted the fuel co that services our furnace to ask thier advice on what water heater they think is best so we will probably go with what they recommend.

So….any input from all of you as to what type of indirect wtr htr to go with? We have learned our water is high PH and we have very high water pressure. The fuel co is suggesting something called a Phase III. I feel so out of my element…we dont know if the water htr was faulty or the plumber did not install it properly or something unknown like the water htr was damaged during transist. It had been almost 4 wks since install and it is nothing but problems. Maybe an indirect is the wrong way to go? Our furnace is 16 yrs old….maybe a new furnace with boiler as part of it? I suggested to my husband and he said that would be about $10-12K.
Im all ears for any input…..Gratefully, Julie

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