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Hi randy and David,
I know 150 psi is high. We repeatedly told the plumber the water pressure was very high before the tank was put in. The water company will be here weds to test thr psi and tell us how they can help or what we need to do.

We live in CT, close to New york city. It is a ranch house with 1300 sq ft on the main floor, and the basement where the water tank is, is the same size…an open basement that we are trying to make into a small apt in…the new water htr was the 1st phase of the renovation. After wasting 3 hrs cleaning up the mess of the blown tank, I am thinking that maybe an instant water htr is better. Now , I know it is truly not instant but at least I would not have to worry about it blowing again. Honestly, that was quite a shock.

I need something safe in my home, not to mention all the damage it did to belongings and if the basement renovation had been finished, instead of just hitting concrete, it would have hit sheetrock and wood flooring.

I know this has turned into a complex issue but I guess the bottom line for me now is, the safest thing to do to heat our domestic water. The Vaugh indirect tank is definitely being replaced…maybe an indirect water htr is not the way to go. When I think about it….in the summer, wont we be using alot more oil just to keep the water tank heated? (we have oil/hot water baseboard and the electric). Thanks again, Julie

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