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Larry Weingarten

Hello, If the pressure reducer has failed, you could get problems like this. Try putting a gauge on the bottom of the heater. Write down the static pressure. Now, have someone run cold water at a tap and you watch the gauge. It will dip down to some point and then rise up to some slightly higher pressure when the tap is closed. Make note of the pressures. Now continue to watch the gauge for about five minutes. Does it creep up? If it does, the reduces is leaking and needs to be replaced or rebuilt. If pressure stayed steady, fire up the heater and watch the gauge. Does it creep up now? This is basically a test of the expansion tank and plumbing. If pressure goes up substantially with the heater firing, the expansion tank is not doing it’s job, or maybe the plumbing is having a problem, like a check valve or corrosion blocking things. Writing things down should give you all the data you need to know what’s up and also something to share here. 😎
Yours, Larry

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