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Larry Weingarten

Hello: If you have outside hose bibbs, or a laundry tub in the garage… any cold line downstream of where water comes into the house will work nicely as a place to park the expansion tank. If it’s close to the heater, it will suffer a shortened life. If it’s on the hot side it will push hot water back into the cold line, which I promise you, won’t be fun. So, have a look around and find a place with cold water that doesn’t freeze. That’s a candidate for the expansion tank 😉

Yours, Larry

ps. The part about plumbing/placement above the tank has to do with what’s happening when no water is being used. When sitting, hot water will migrate back up into the cold line. If the expansion tank is attached there, it will suffer nearly as much as if it were on the hot side 😕

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