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Well, both you and the softener people agree about the anode being the sediment source, and A.O. Smith agree that the water is too soft, but I was told the softener could not be adjusted. Well, with the instructions provided it was unclear how to do so but a visit to G.E. website solved that so I have made an adjustment that better reflects the hardness delivered by Des Moines water. We will have to wait and see what that does, but I suspect the effects on the anode may have been pretty catastrophic. Frankly I cannot understand why my predecessor did not pursue this but oh well?

So thanks for your input Randy and Larry and yes, I will order from you if I get approval on changes. Let me see how the softener adjustment works and we will feed back the results in case it helps others.

I should point out that I am not a registered or licensed plumber, but my father taught me what he knew and I know physics and chemistry from school (My pet subjects) and I have learned a lot from experience – I am now 58! I can spot bullshit from quite some distance and I am pleased to have found you guys as you clearly know your stuff.

Could one of you email me what two recommended anodes would cost because I think that is a very good place to start and I can pass that on to my Executive Director and she will likely approve it right away.

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