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Marvin M.

Hi Randy:

This unit was manufactured in April 2014. Is SKU10 w/ the longer nipple still correct for this tank?

AO Smith Technical support indicates this unit has a single aluminum hex anode located between the hot and cold water. I can see the hex nut on the top of the unit.

From talking with the tech support, I did learn that relocating or uninstalling and reinstalling the unit (even if performed by a professional plumber and the unit remained in service within the original household where installed) voids the warranty. Why do you suppose that is? Does moving a hot water heater create high risk of damaging the unit and/ or internal components? The only reason this came up is that when I called they asked to confirm where the unit was installed. Sensing a limitation I asked if moving it effected the warranty.

Thank you,

Marvin M.

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