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If you haven’t purchased the 4.5 this unit will only give the use of one fixture at a time. meaning, you can use only a shower or a washing machine and not both at the same time, because the water flow. When youo size a tankless type water, you base it on the amount of fixtures you want to run at the same time. If you need to run one major fixture, the 4.5 will be sufficient. But if you want to run two or more it is notn the unit you want. Also the type of unit you need , is it natural gas, propane or electric. You are probably not talking electric because I haven’t heard of and electric that will give 4.5 gpms. The models that will give you the capacity you need of the bosch 250sx will give two fixture, the noritz 6.9 will allow three at the same time, takgi tk1, the rinnai. These are the units that have a track record. I’ve been a plumber for 42 years and to me its about time people started to find out about the units. If you have any questions about these units my email or

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