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I guess this is what is so confusing to me… The Culligan man said that the softener which is a chlorine injection system is supposed to get rid of the sulfur smell because it treats the water from the well before it goes to the hot water heater/rest of the house.

I did turn the softener off, and the smell is better but still awful from both hot and cold taps, though worst in hot.

Another question I have is if we take the anode out of the hot water heater and do the peroxide flush, which we are doing today, does the water still smell like sulfur when it comes out of the well even before it goes into the tank? and in this case do we leave the softener off or turn it back on again?

The Culligan system we have is a Medalist series *” Cullneu Filter… If that helps any more troubleshooting.

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