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I know this is a really old thread, so if it’s too old, and there are no responses, I’ll start a new thread.

Our county water just switched from straight well water to RO water and though it had NO bad smell before, suddenly we have major league rotten egg smell on the hot side. The county swears that we are not getting any sulfur in the new incoming water. I am not convinced yet.

I’ve read all the posts above. I see some strongly believe that there is likely going to be lots of dead black bacteria in the bottom of our water heater, while others may think there may be sulfur in the incoming water, and still others may think it may be the mineral or chemical deposits on the sides and bottom of the tank, while others suspect the anode.

I could not get the AO Smith water heater link above to work, however I did find a link on another wh mfg site and they say to pour a half gallon of bleach into the top of the 40g heater let it stand for 2-3 hours, then flush. The manufacturer also recommend swapping the anode with aluminum, though based on what I’ve read here – I will not try! (It’s always possible for folks in the field to actually know more than a mfg!:) )

(A professional in the water treatment business said to TEMPORARILY place crushed chlorine pellets inside of an inline whole house water filter canister ahead of the water heater, and then flow the hot water until there us strong chlorine at all hot faucets, let it set for a good while. Then flush.)

Curious if posters here think the bleach in the heater tank is worth trying A) against the dead or living bacteria, or B) to counteract or dissolve any deposits on the sides or bottom- either idea as a way to get rid of the smell. Especially since I did not see chlorine suggested anywhere in this thread!

All tips are much appreciated.

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