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No… to my knowledge it is the same meter….i have oil fired fan forced hot air heat….no central ac…no heat pump….. Electric stove , water heater, dryer none of which were run triple the time…..during my self evaluation of the cause of the turbo speeding of the meter dial I had someone watching the meter dial and tured off one breaker at a time( heater thermostat turned low stove and dryer not in use) and then back on if no change to dial speed…the breaker for the water heater when turned off brought the meter to a crawl…..(with all other breakers on) Once it did slow I left it off…then turned on the other high draw items like started the dryer and turned on electric stove and turned up heat until it started and then checked meter dial….with all these running and water heater breaker off ..a completed dial revolution was 3-3.25 seconds as opposed to all those off and water heater breaker on dial revolution of .75 -1 second ….. So it just seemed like it had to be a water heater issue……so I replaced the elements ….no slowing of the dial…so I’m at a

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