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Thanks. I don’t know the answer to any of your questions. I will have to do tests. Right now it is unusually warm with no snow. I will have to wait until it gets colder.

Currently I don’t have a problem since no pipes in the house have ever froze. But what frequently freezes where I live is the outdoor faucets. People install freeze proof faucets to prevent this. But most freeze proof faucets make the problem worse since most of them will freeze and rupture if you leave your hose on and it freezes. I think the freezing water in the hose causes a vacuum that breaks the freeze proof faucet. It is very easy to leave a hose on in the autumn or spring when the days are warm but the nights are below freezing. This then causes a big plumbing problem, especially if you have a brick wall that has to be cut into to replace the faucet. There are some new freezeless faucets that claim to have overcome this problem, but they are expensive, mostly used by businesses and not residences due to their high cost.

When I was a teenager years ago I worked at a Boy Scout camp during the winters. Even though the large A-frame lodge was heated with huge natural gas heaters and a large fireplace, it was still so cold that the beans in large restaurant style cans would be frozen solid inside the cans inside the lodge. Until people have lived in the cold they can’t imagine all the problems the cold creates. You can’t do car repairs in the cold since plastic parts will snap and break. If you have a garden hose that has been left outside, you don’t dare touch or move it when it is cold or it could be destroyed. You huddle inside, like a burrowing animal, for 6 months or more, waiting until warm weather returns before you can do any outdoor projects. You can’t even spray foam insulation or use silicone glue outside when it is cold. And in places like Yellowstone National Park and surrounding towns, it is cold 10 months out of 12. In the winter there it can get down to minus 40 F & C (the scales are the same at this temperature) or colder.


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