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Lost Dog

Thanks for the info. I did read the “Best water heater” page and it brought up more questions which made me dig a bit deeper.

I *think* I’ve scratched Rheem / GE off the list due to only being able to replace the anode using one purchased from them. Overall they still appear to be a good choice (and come with a built in magnesium anode) but I’d rather have one I can go third party on the replacement parts.

Now the question is in the insulation / efficiency ratings. Where I live I pay $0.93 per therm/CCF (but who knows where that will be in 10 years). A 0.59 efficiency would cost me ~$236 / year for use. A 0.63 would cost me $221. Not a huge difference… Even over 10 years that’s not much… Then again, if natural gas doubles in price….

All that being said, I *think* I’ve narrowed it down to:

Whirlpool N40T61-343
Whirlpool N40T62-403

For the life of me I can’t really figure out the difference and there is only a $30 price discrepancy. I’m thinking the only difference is insulation and that is based on the diameter of the tanks (18″ vs 20″). I’m guessing there is 2″ of insulation in one and 3″ in the other.

So… I’m thinking the N40T62-403 and then swap out the aluminum anode with a magnesium and put in the ball valve as opposed to the cheap plastic spigot (in the not too distant future).

Is my reasoning sound?

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