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elenano wrote:

I was selling twice as much anode for less. Small wonder my source for the special nipple/outlets suddenly dried up.

I had thoughts a long that same vane.

Since GE is made by Rheem, you might still get the same deal on a GE. Wouldn’t hurt to ask.

I guess it doesn’t hurt but to say I’d not be optimistic … I find it hard enough to get people to fulfill their own warranties.

Also, for what it’s worth, my SKU33 is the same diameter as what Rheem and others use in their 12-year-warranty heaters (brag, brag).

And, if I understand this right, most of the difference between the low end GE and the high end GE (which is the one comparable to the Rheem Fury) is the stuff you advocate doing (yourself?): the curved dip, the bigger anode, and the replaced drain … ? (I hadn’t realized the low end GE didn’t have the swirl feature and used plastic; figured the anode was smaller).

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