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Hi Randy,

Well I just got the powered anode installed tonight so the next couple of days will tell me if the stink goes away or not. A couple of dumb questions indicating just how much of a novice plumber I am:

– With pipe threads, do you tighten them until you just can’t turn the wrench anymore? I’m under the impression it’s a “feel” thing. I tightened the whole assembly (powered anode into coupling, coupling onto nipple, nipple into tank) as one unit until the resistance on the wrench felt reasonable. I didn’t want to totally wrench away for fear of damaging something, most likely the threads in the tank – is that a reasonable fear?

– I don’t see any leaks yet. If I get some leaks around the three joints, is it okay to tighten the assembly with the tank pressurized? Is it as simple as tightening the assembly until the leaks stop? Again, should I have any fears of over-tightening? I’m using a big 14″ long pipe wrench that can generate some torque.

Thanks, and if this works you’ll be spoken of highly in my house – we’ve been dealing with stinky hot water for a good five years now.


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