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Randy Schuyler

Followup: Usually we answer all questions. But if we don’t know the answer, or are reluctant to answer for one reason or another, then the occasional one might not be answered, and that might be better for the person who is posting, than to get an erroneous one.

In this case, I have heard from another, very knowledgeable member of the forum that the problems mentioned have been resolved. He pointed out that the bad reviews will be on the Internet forever. I said nothing before now because I thought he might want to make that comment, but he didn’t.

jbkf1003 contacted me privately. I made no effort to influence him one way or the other, but in the end, he bought a Rheem (or maybe GE; same thing) heater instead.

I comment here because it’s true: anything that goes on the Internet — good OR bad — stays there until someone changes it. Watch for dates when reading reviews. Things will change, and hopefully, problems will be resolved. That will be good for everybody. There ARE differences, pluses and minuses among water heaters. It’s best to have a choice.

Randy Schuyler

Water Heater Rescue

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