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May I ask what are some of the many reasons your don’t like Al anode rods? You do offer to sell them on WHR website.

And you suggested adding another Al anode rod to the hot water side. That is where the anode rod is now that came with the new water heater. Did you mean I could add another Al anode rod to the water heater where the pressure relief valve is threaded on the top of the tank, and relocate the pressure valve?

I called A.O Smith tech support after I asked my first questions, and they are recommending:

If the pH of your water is >8.5 (basic), use Al anode.

If the pH of your water is <6.5 (acidic), use Mg anode, UNLESS… you are using a water softener, then always use a Mg anode, no matter what the pH of your water.

Have you heard of this recommendation before?

Should I be taking the recommendation of a manufacture to help my water heater last longer, which would result in them not selling as many?

Would I still need your Flushing Kit, including a new dip tube yet?

Thank you for your responds.

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