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Geno, I feel comfortable doing some DYI projects but I need it to be simple and thought out ahead of time. I don’t feel comfortable waking up and saying “Today, I’ll tear down and rebuild our back deck.” Checking anode rods and replacing them I do feel comfortable doing.

With a family of 4, multiple showers daily, laundry going constantly, not to mention the dishwasher; what would be a decent tank to get? I have a 50gal tank now and honestly it does a good job. I was thinking 60+gal for an electric tank? Should I get the 5400watt element or get a 4500 and buy the element afterwards? Is there anything else I should do/buy ahead of time? Recirculation? Different valves? Anything?

Luckily I have time to get everything ahead of time instead of being pressures to get a tank today.


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