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thanks, for the reply…i wanted to copy this site as it shows two simplistic solutions to the problem that i’m having with my hot water…i understand that these answers are not permament…one is to use peroxide & the other to try to use heat for a fix. i’m having guests over in 2 weeks & thought i’d try one or both of these ways…since, i don’t have anyone to help me, i thought i’d do this by myself…BUT i NEED to have a printed copy of exactly what to do in front of me, with step by step actions that i can check off once i complete them, or i’ll really get mixed & then stressed out…i tried to write down the instructions down but got mixed up. can you send me a copy of JUST those two solutions??? otherwise, i may have to tell my guests that my water is foul smelling & they’ll have to use the bottled water i brought for drinking, brushing teeth etc and take extremely cold showers (this is sooooo embarrassing).

please help!!!

thanks again,

p.s. your problem about others coping you material is a prime example of “IMITATION IS THE SINCEREST FORM OF FLATTERY” although, it’d have been proper for them to ask you for permission &/or pay you for your intellectual property!!

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