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Plumber might have put a higher pressure TP on water heater.
Pressure on tank shouldn’t exceed 80 psi or damage can occur to water heater and plumbing.
Buy a BTG100 pressure gauge or similar and connect gauge to water heater drain valve to register pressure when all faucets are OFF.
You may have a closed system with faulty check valve or other plumbing problem that is causing pressure on the tank since hot water wants to expand, but closed system causes pressure to build inside pipes and tank, and then TP releases pressure.
High pressure can be eliminated by installing pressure reducing valve or expansion tank.
AND by reading more detailed information in tanklets.

Other probems can include bad gas control thermostat that is out of calibration. Causing overheating. Solution is to replace gas control valve.
Also stacking is a remote possibility: where several short draws 1 gallon or less of hot water causes cold water to enter bottom of tank so burner turns ON, but water at top of tank is already fully heated. More hot water rises. Water at top gets hotter, and TP valve releases pressure.

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