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Here are my suggestions:

  • Flush the bottom of the water heater every night for a week. To do this, attach a short hose, like an old washing machine hose, to the drain valve. Put the other end into a 5 gallon bucket. Open the drain value all the way. Pinch and release the hose to turn off the water on and off maybe 5 or 10 times so that the junk at the bottom of the water heater is stirred up. Then let it run for a long time to extract the junk at the bottom. Use a bucket so you can see how much junk you accumulate. Do it every night until very little junk comes out. Do it once a month and see if it reappears. Soft water will not allow junk to build up in the bottom of your water heater.[/*]
  • Replace your annode with a magnesium one.[/*]
  • Don’t let your recirculation system allow the junk at the bottom to be drawn up into the pipes to be distributed throughout your house. Test this by running the hot water somewhere and check if the water flows backward thru your pipes (reverse of the circulation) and how quickly it flows.[/*]
  • See if your water softener is working at all. Test your water for hardness. Call the water dept in your city to find out the hardness level. Read the manual for your softener and set it appropriately. It sounds to me like your water softener isn’t working well at all.

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