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Thanks for the quick response. Yeah, I’ve spent the past couple of days reading all the material on your very informative site. I picked this water heater because it has two magnesium anodes, a sediment flushing system and R24 insulation, which seems to be what you recommend. Based on the information on your smelly water page, I asked a neighbor if their water is hard or has sulfur.

He said that his hot water does smell of sulfur a bit, but is not too bad. I’m not too worried based on this, but just a little concerned that a two-anode setup will intensify the smell, so I want to hedge my bet just a bit. Richard seems to have had a little trouble. Does your SKU27 fit in the Power Miser 12 just fine? Do you sell the other part I would need as well? I hope I won’t need them, but finding out afterward that I’m stuck with an expensive unit that can’t be readily modified to eliminate a serious odor problem would be really bad. Now is my one shot to get this right! I could choose another unit instead if hat would give me more options.


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