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I have just installed a Rheem Power Vent 50, LP, I had no way to vent a conventional water heater (that was my first choice). We have been getting hot water from the oil furnace, but it’s not very good. Anyway, of course it dosn’t work – it’s codes are telling me that either the gas pressure is too high, which is what I suspect, because our LP range always has a super high flame. Or there is air in the line. Could there be air in this line, it branches off the other line – to the range, and this line is below grade? Is there a way to adjust the regulator on this Rheem?


OK, I just found out from the “plumber”, not licensed (but I knew this), that he failed to connect up the gas to the main gas line, I guess that would be sort of a problem.

I should have just paid my regular guy the $1,200 he wanted for the job.

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