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Update as for now everything seems to be ok changing to aluminum anode helped with hydrogen gas build up.
It stills creates some air/hydrogen build up but a lot less and seems to only happen while sitting for a few weeks.
My question is i have been taken out a water sample about 2.5 gallons every few weeks out the drain valve on bottom of water heater,in that sample is what appears to be cloudy substance with some white floaties and off white substance which i hope is the anode rod degrading.
My question is someone told me this substance can possibly help protect the tank as it leaves a film on interior walls of water heater is this true and should i only drain it out every 6 months?
He also mentioned not to let it build up too much sediment and suggested the 6 month interval
I will pull the anode rod out for inspection in the next few weeks and give report on it’s condition.
Once again thanks for the help

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