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Thanks for the suggestion. I did peruse some other parts of the site, and considered replacing the thermostat until I noticed water oozing from the fittings on top, and a small puddle in the overflow tray….

I’m not sure whether the leaks at the fittings are from the tank or the fittings. They’re CPVC and the high water temps may have affected the seal of the fittings….

Most of my plumbing experience has been with sweated copper, so I’m not too familiar with how cpvc threaded fittings perform, but I suspect they may be negatively affected by high water temperatures.

I know that just after the hot water episode, a leak suddenly developed under the kitchen sink where the brass shutoff valve was screwed unto the cpvc fitting. I don’t think that was a total coincidence–i.e., I gather the high heat affected the joint.

The peculiar thing to me is that, after the tank cooled from the high heat, the it seems to have returned to normal functioning (except for the leaks). It may be due to the fact that I didn’t replace the panel covering the upper thermostat, which I guess could keep the temps down.

As far as an informed decision on the tank replacement. We went with Home Depot for a variety of non-quality reasons and, as I sit here for the second afternoon waiting for the promised “same-day installation,” I’m beginning to doubt the wisdom of our choice. There are 65 minutes left in their window, so we’ll see…

They’re supposedly bringing a GE 12-year tank.

The thing is, with decisions of these kinds, which are at least semi-emergencies, research and investigation of the best purchase often take a back seat to expedience–frequently to one’s longer-term chagrin.

While waxing philosophical–I might as well, since I’m stuck here on a beautiful saturday afternoon when I’d rather be sailing–it’s an on-going source of wonderment to me that people (myself included) continue to shop at Home Depot and its ilk.

I kick myself every time I go, frequently swear never to return and generally find myself back there anyway.

Like Pogo said (roughly) “I have met the enemy, and he is us!”

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