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Larry Weingarten

Hello: It may sound a bit flip, but you need to think like water. If you were water and had leaked out of a fitting, or from the weld at the top of the heater, gravity might make the easiest place to escape from the tank where that upper hatch cover screws on. Or, thinking like a person… start from the top and work your way down. Check all fittings on top. Even check any overhead plumbing as it can put water on top of the tank. Feel the pipes, they may be wet on the back side. Once all the fittings on top are checked, turn off power and check the element port under that upper cover. If none of the fittings leak and there is still water, you know the tank itself must be leaking and a new one is needed. One other remoter possibility is that a fitting lower than the water is seeping; being heated to vapor and condensing at the upper hatch. Water is like that 😕

Do let us know what you find and remember there are 240 volts in the heater waiting to bite the unwary 😯

Yours, Larry

Water Heater Rescue

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